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Every day they order Alix to wake up, and he wakes up.

They order him to eat, and he eats.

They order him to get up, and he gets up.

They order him to enter the white room, and he enters.

They order him to lie down, and he lies down.

And then, as they tie his hands and feet with some of the many ironworks, ribbons and straps that are in the room, Alix, who is not aware that he was released, falls asleep. It is the moment in which his brain registers each and every one of the words that were said to him, and he does it so avidly, unconsciously, but avidly. However, the darkness rapidly falls, stifling any hint of brain activity in a few seconds.

Again the impenetrable blackness, again the night.

Wake up.

Esclvvv depicts the employees at a furniture factory in the outskirts of Shanghai, leaving the facility on a lunch break. A study of repetition and difference, it maintains a fixed camera position in a long, uninterrupted tracking shot.

On the boundaries between video art and music video, this is the first single from Alix, and marks the starting point of the collaboration between TERRITOIRE and experimental filmmaking collective BRBR.

On clear allusion to Workers leaving the Lumière factory, more than 100 years after original recording, this shift on time and space invites to reflect on global contemporary conditions of production.
All tracks written by Olivier Arson

Produced by Oscar Mulero and Olivier Arson

Mixed by Oscar Mulero at Dead Souls
Mastered by Carlos Koschitzky at Koschitzky Studio
Additional recordings by Omar Carrascosa at Estudio Uno

Synths, sampler, voice, processing: Olivier Arson
Metals & percussions: Tasio
Guitars: David Sergeant
«eats on 1, 2, 3, 5 : Oscar Mulero
Tuba on 1, 2, 5, 7: David Herrington
Clarinet on 2, 5, 7: Greg Gobel

Artwork and inside picture by Tasio
Cover picture by Javier Díaz
Creeps in and haunts like a prison: malnourished, raging, abject, trapped.
The Wire
May 2018
Dangerous and abysmally frightening. A record that never existed before. 10/10
April 2018
Electronica as broken as the enslaved existence of the title character.
Sonic Seducer
April 2018
Project in constant motion and without a stable form of the french producer and composer Olivier Arson, TERRITOIRE drives tensions between electronic processes, experimental instrumentation and narrative fragments.

An existential drift towards a broken horizon that hides his beauty inside oppressive and cathartic rhythms, expands across physical drones, only to discover, at last, a disturbing and unknown light.

Alix (Humo, 2018), a story of slavery, is the new record of TERRITOIRE produced with techno veteran Oscar Mulero and audiovisual artist and musician Tasio.
J'habite la nuit primaire
Le rire lacqué
L'oeil indicible

Resterai-je muet
en camisole de force?
Traîné, tassé, lent et lustré

Je chante, au bord de ma naissance
Je chante, au bord de ma naissance
Je chante, au bord de ma naissance
Je chante, au bord de ma naissance
Je chante, au bord de ma naissance
Je chante, au bord de ma naissance
Je chante, au bord de ma naissance

Je chante, au bord de ma naissance
Je chante, au bord de ma naissance
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